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    Multi Balm Mini Pack

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    Branham Joshua D.
    Good value.

    I like the sample pack. I was able to figure out what I like and don't like at a decent price.

    Christopher Donlon
    Great Scent and Hold

    Wonderful to be able to experience your product in smaller quantities before committing to buying a larger pack. Was gifted a large unscented beard balm a year or two ago and loved the product. Nice to be able to experience t he other scents before deciding on larger quantity to buy. Mini pack offered 5 different scented balms. I was able to find out which scent and product I liked the most. I found that I really liked the Hemp & Tabacum and the Citrus and Pome. The product was similar to what I had used before with great smells.The Pine & Leaf and Linen & Lime product seemed to have a different consistency then the other 3 in the pack. Small orb like balls in these 2 minis did not want to seem to dissolve when rubbing together in between my fingers and I would find myself removing them from my beard or off my shirt. Overall very happy with the mini pack and think I will try a few more scents before deciding to buy a larger pack.

    Multi Balm Mini Pack

    I loved the Multi Balm Mini Pack! It's a great way to sample all of the different scents of multi balm that you offer. The minis are also the perfect size to fit into a small bag so you can take it on the go with you anytime.

    Justine Albert
    Amazing Products!

    I’ve looked forever for an aftershave that doesn’t irritate my husbands scalp. The multi balm is the only thing that he uses now! High quality products that smell amazing!

    My new favorite balm!

    I am in love with these, I got the mini pack so I could try out all the scents and I’ve already purchased the full size versions of half of them because they’re so good. I love how these melt right into my skin, I use them on my tattoos, my stretched ear lobes, my cuticles, and pretty much anywhere I want to add moisture. The scents are amazing, I have never smelled something like these. The oud and teak, hemp and tobaccum, and citrus and pom are my absolute favorites. I love that I can mix up the smells for something more or less masculine on different days depending on my mood. I recommend these to all my friends and family.

    Chester Christie
    Great product

    Enjoyed the Product purchased from this black owned business.

    Javier Sanchez

    Multi Balm Mini Pack

    MaeLynn Lester
    Very good product

    My husband LOVES this line. It was our first purchase and it was better than expected! Packaging was on point and the scents are amazing! We will be buying again!

    Patrick Dorn
    Scalp relief

    The balm does appear to have helped relieve some of the bald head dry skin I have experienced that over the counter lotions have not.

    Perfect way to get Huckstle'd

    It is a terrific way to get acclimated with the outstanding fragrances and multi-balm from Huckstle.