Oud & Teak Multi Balm

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Multiple use balm that softens, shines, and conditions hair and skin.

Our Multi Balm can be used for your beard, aftershave, tattoo aftercare, body, and hair.

Daily preventative care and repair for dryness and irritation for all hair and skin types. Rub desired amount in hand to liquify. Massage into hair and skin.

Lit oud incense and fresh milled teak wood

3 oz | 88 ml

Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Lanolin, Beeswax, Fragrance

Daily beard conditioner for facial hair of any length. Use with or without Beard Oil. Prevents irritation and itchiness from dry skin under your beard. Keeps beard looking healthy with sheen. Slight hold for frizz control and locks in moisture for the hair and skin underneath. Keeps your hair soft and manageable for combing and brushing.

Use after your morning and/or nightly routines after a shower. Remember a little goes a long way. Emulsify desired amount in hand and apply evenly to your dampened beard and skin beneath. Then comb/brush and style.

Use to hydrate, heal, and relieve skin after a shave, trim, or haircut. Multi Balm helps with any dry skin, irritation, and flaking that can happen afterwards.

Tattoo Aftercare
Use on old or newly healed tattoos to rejuvenate your ink. Making them more healthy, fresh and vibrant looking. Our blend helps to protect your tattoos. Use daily by applying desired amount on skin, rubbing it into the entire tattoo’d area.

Tattoos hold ink best with healthy hydrated skin, so moisturizing them is important. Not recommended for new tattoos that are in the healing process.

Use on areas prone to dry skin. Our ultra premium blend has so many beneficial ingredients that soothe dry and irritated skin.

A little bit spreads a lot. Emulsify desired amount in hand and apply to specific problem areas like the hands, knuckles, knees, ankles, elbows, feet and etc any other areas where your skin is dry.

Use for your head hair and scalp to condition and give a natural healthy sheen and texture to your hair with slight frizz control. Apply to dampened head then comb/brush

Temperature Sensitivity
Multi Balm is an all natural product with a concoction of seed butters,oils, etc. which make it sensitive to temperature. Our Balm is formulated to melt at body temperature. To maintain proper consistency, keep at room temperature or below.

Temperatures above 75° will soften balm. Temperatures below 65° will harden balm.

These different temperatures will not ruin the balm, only change the consistency.

Do not leave in a hot car or bag in direct sunlight or in hot weather conditions unless you want your balm melted to an oil. It will return back to normal consistency once in the proper temperature but probably with a grainy texture if not tempered correctly (which can be fixed).

When your balm is melted down completely to an oil, it will need to be chilled in a refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. Use this process to fix a grainy texture.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Favorite by far

Smells great!

Exceeded expectations, again

Just like other products I've bought from Huckstle, this balm was even better than expected. A little goes a long way, and it has to be the highest quality beard balm I've used. All of the scents were great, but the Oud & Teak was my favorite. I will continue to invest in Huckstle products, as I've never been disappointed by them.


My husband loves your product I gave it for a stocking stuffer on Christmas. He asked for more. I will be reordering this year

Kelsey Vilanova
Best Mistake Ever!

I meant to purchase the beard oil for my husband and in the excitement of the farmer's market accidentally picked this up. I was going to return and started reading that it's good for hair. I now use it on mine and my daughter's hair and it's done wonders! It's also great for my dry skin. (My husband wasn't left out, he got his beard oil eventually.)

Shawn Brehob

Amazing product. Smell alone is top notch, but balm melts in your hands and keeps beard looking fresh Al day.

Tammana Bharakhda
Amazing product

I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it for styling his hair! In fact, he’s on his second tin. He also appreciates the multi-use balm for when his skin gets dry or where his shoes rub his feet. It also smells so good!

Luke Medearis
The product

I ordered your oud & Teak multi balm not really knowing what to expect, but it has most definitely out performed any balm I have ever purchased in the stores and will gladly buy more.

He loves it! Brownie points ✅

I gifted it and he loves it! Wants more!

Kristen Horvath-Broda

My husband LOVES this balm! This is his second tin and he will not go back to beard oils of the past.

Love it!!

The multibalm is just that, great for multiple uses; moisturizer for dry skin, great beard conditioner and giving my hair some shine. Really a quality product that lasts a very long time and worth the money.